P.I. Pedigree

The Pimp Counsel
Deep from the crime ridden streets of Flint Michigan,It was rumored a couple of street Pimps had a Natural Gift of Gab.They Preach Pimp Principles in a Harsh and Poetic term they refer 2 as Pimp-Hop.
King Kane Slimm & Caddi Mane were Flirting with Solo recording ventures prior to becoming a group.
They were discovered by Tweed Cadillac...Former Ruthless Records Recording artist from The Legendary WestCoast group ..Penthouse Players Clique.
Under his guidance they are prepared to release their debut Cd and a Mixtape this year.The Sub-Genre of Rap Music Today will be 4 ever called Pimp-Hop as seen from the eyes of a P...